carlos rojas hinchado

It has been four years since I decided to turn my career around and bet on the path of entrepreneurship, and after taking stock of this last year in which I have been fortunate to have Fran as a mentor, I can only say one thing: I wish I had met him four years ago. Yes, the entrepreneur’s path is hard, full of obstacles, and many of the lessons you have to learn on your own, but having someone like him by your side (not only for his extensive experience, knowledge and communication skills, but also for his human qualities) is a privilege that I feel very fortunate to have. Fran is also a close person, always willing to lend a hand and who pours all his passion into the projects in which he is involved, such as, an impressive platform for communication, training and mentoring highly recommended for those «brave» who have started or are thinking of starting a business venture.