jesus miranda

For some time now, every Christmas, I write a private document with the achievements that I have been getting that same year; it is something that helps me to grow as a person, and realize the many good things that can be achieved with effort.

This Christmas, I kept a favorite space for Fran Guillén, a person who has given me so much selflessly; I did not know how lucky I was when he was assigned as my mentor in Impúlsame.

He has bet on me, he has taken out the time he doesn’t have to support me, he has believed in my possibilities from the beginning, he has taught me how to set up a successful business, he has introduced me to incredible people in his circle of trust, and on top of everything, we have become friends. I will never be able to repay him for all he is doing (although he won’t let me either).

Even though this recommendation sounds very mushy, I don’t feel able to write any other way when Fran Guillén is mentioned. Just one more thing: If you don’t know him yet, you are wasting your time.