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My name is Fran Guillén, I was born in Mairena del Alcor and I live in Seville, Spain. I am a Computer Engineer by the University of Seville.

For years I have founded, launched and managed numerous technological and non-technological projects both in the private and public sector. In the world of entrepreneurship I have founded and been advisor of companies such as PlusVitechTusTutoresBrioAgroIncrementa Marketing, Vestidia among others, and even entering as an investor in some of them. Some of them have been quite successful, but the truth is that I also have to admit that others have failed.

So many experiences have allowed me to acquire knowledge in key topics such as leadership, management, planning, marketing, sales, investments, finance, partners, presentations, and a long etcetera.


Throughout this journey I have realized the fundamental importance of acquiring the right knowledge for entrepreneurship:

  • Those sometimes counter-intuitive strategies that are NOT disclosed to the majority
  • Those details that matter when dealing with every business situation that almost NOBODY tells you about
  • Those contacts that can open the doors you need that are SO hard to get.
  • In short, the keys to accelerate your business

So with all that experience accumulated over the years and after a transformative experience in a trip I made to San Francisco, California, and throughout Silicon Valley where I met important entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, investors, experts and accelerators, we started the accelerator in 2014. Impúlsame in order to help other people not to stumble over the same stones that I stumbled over..

Since the creation of Impúlsame has helped more than a hundred entrepreneurs and businessmen who have gone through the four editions of the acceleration program. performed. You can see some of the testimonials left by its participants about the accelerator and about me by clicking here.

I have helped more than a hundred entrepreneurs and businessmen and women during this time to develop their businesses.. I hope that this podcast will serve to further expand this work.

If you want to know more about me you can see my profile on LinkedIn.

If you want to contact me by email you can do it here.