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Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m. (time in Spain). You can listen to it at iTunes, at iVoox, at Google Podcast and in Spotify. You can also receive it by email or WhatsApp.

You can listen to the podcast mission statement in the first episode by clicking here.

Why the Accelerating Business podcast?

For years of entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs I have realized the vital importance of acquiring the knowledge and tools necessary for entrepreneurship. This podcast is one more step I want to take to expand my work and reach more people:

  • People who are considering entrepreneurship because you have a business idea, or even if you don’t have one yet, but would like to become an entrepreneur.
  • To entrepreneurs who have already started their projects.
  • To entrepreneurs with more consolidated businesses
  • Also to professionals and restless people in general who want to learn more about the business world.

What is the Accelerating Business podcast about?

Well, basically about the whole world that surrounds business accelerators, and above all, about what can be useful to achieve success, whether you just have an idea or you already have a consolidated company generating income that you want to grow or innovate.

This podcast will not be exclusively focused on startups, or digital or technology companies, but on the contrary we will also talk about the companies of the companies of the so-called real economy, or what is the same, the companies of all life of services or products. For example:

  • We will make monographic programs on specific issues of interest to you and even cycles of several programs on those topics that need to be dealt with in greater depth., such as Not knowing where to start when starting a business, Fear of failure, Lean Startup and Agile Methodologies, Incorporation of Companies and Partnerships, Search for investment and financing, Search for partners, Recruitment of personnel, Sales and many more.
  • We will tell from the inside how a business accelerator works, meeting the entrepreneurs and businessmen who participate in Impúlsame., both of those who have already passed in past editions and in the following ones. They will tell us about their problems and challenges and with your help we will try to solve them by following up on their progress.
  • We will invite agents of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem such as investors, entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs, experts, accelerators, to tell us the keys of how they do it.
  • We will also talk about inspiring cases of innovative business ideas., We will even interview some of the successful entrepreneurs or businessmen who set them up, but above all, we will also learn from their failures, those cases that did not work out well.
  • And of course we will also talk about the topics that you suggest as well as the doubts that you send me through the web.

How to listen to the Acelerando Empresas podcast?

The podcast is from Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m. (time in Spain), including holidays. For greater convenience, it is best to subscribe and listen to it comfortably on your cell phone.:

  • If you have an iPhone or iPad at iTunes
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  • In any of them you can listen to it installing the apps iVoox o Spotify.

You can also receive it by email or even by WhatsApp by subscribing in this link.