¿Looking for investment for your business?

It’s complicated, especially if it’s your first time.

You would like to convince investors to bet their money on your project.

But they are very demanding and have thousands of opportunities to invest every day.

I understand you.

The search for investment requires a lot of effort on your part and takes many hours away from your business.

It is very tiring burning contacts without getting a response and wasting your time.

At Acelerando Empresas we have created a specific service of advice to help you in your investment search.

Our team has raised investment for dozens of projects using one method.

This method is what we now offer you in the form of an advisory service to help you get the investment you are looking for.

¡Our method!

With this service I will guide you in 1-on-1 meetings by videoconference to help you find the investment you need as soon as possible.The method we use to obtain investment is as follows:

1) Documentation:

Refine deliverables to eliminate errors that may cause an investor to discard your project.

2) Strategy:

Define an effective strategy to attract the right investors for your project and do not give blindly.

3) Follow-up:

Follow up on the investment round so that you feel confident in contacting them..

¡Contact me and tell me your idea!